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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 31, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just an employment. first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is monday, july 31. >> a violent night in philadelphia. a man is dead and a teenager hospitalized after she was hit by a stray bullet. >> no arrest in either shooting, police do remain on scene near in fair hills. >> i heard pop, pop. >> resident on edge, after two random shootings left an hour apart in haverford township in overbrook park. >> a lot of people were saying they saw a person with a red hood on. >> president trump begins a week with a new chief of staff he's hoping retired general, john kelly, will bring some order to the white house. >> another viral moment for new jersey governor, chris christie. >> it happened during a baseball game in milwaukee.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and nine year old dane miller singing his favorite whitney houston song, i don't have you. >> that video has gone viral with more than 5 million views , and katie, right through the heart of me. you know what my heart want in this forecast, comfortable wet ter. >> i can hook you up my friend , absolutely. steamy outside, pretty hot couple every days coming up here, but it feels, kind of cool outside right now. here in philadelphia, registering warmest conditions region wide. notice, it feels a little reminiscent of the september, early fall, as you walk out the door this morning, but all-in-all, definately good such the forecast here today and beyond, will also see potential of wet weather
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return to the forecast as well for now, all clear. you've got virtually nothing to see here, and if we didn't have the time stamp running on storm scan three wouldn't necessarily know anything was happening, because it is so clear. high pressure is the story. granted relatively weak area of high pressure, specially as time goes on, area of high pressure will town to weaken and fizzle, but, as it does so , an area or rather frontal boundery starts to approach. so potential for showers starts to increase, and the clouds the same over the next few days, for now, though, we're all clear. man, if you pick this as your vacation week, kudos. did you good job. this will ends up being overall a pretty great week here, outside the poconos currently at 51 degrees, grab a sweatshirt on the way out the door most outlying suburbs , 66 here at philadelphia international airport. and the winds pretty calm with nice low dew point to go along with it, so with calm winds, with low humidity, that basically means it stays pretty perfecter hair day for you and a lot of sunshine to go along with it, how much, starting to heat up. again, if you likes yesterday,
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you'll love today, as well, getting little hotter out there, to up about 89 degrees, but later tonight, staying seasonable, drop down to only about 70, that's pretty much where we should bottom out for the standards every late july. meisha? >> all right, katie, thank you so much. that nice weather, certainly helping our commute this morning, is it so have good morning to you. happy monday. outside, 59 south at girard, headlights southbound direction make your way into center city. certainly starting to build levels right now. so northbound side, looking good. it is really just southbound side that we have our eye on right now, it is heating up. so i would say in the next 30 minute or so, you you maybe want to start factoring in just couple every extra minutes, then every 50 minute, maybe extra couple minutes in there. past oaks looking both directions starting to heat up levels there. and looking at project to widen the highway. big project, talked about it, a while back, now kind of touching base on it again. 322 between route one, clayton park drive. alternate egg single lanes between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. you can see, this is not
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construction project, but starting to show yellow on route one as well so heads up on. that will construction pa turnpike westbound, now since cleared before route 29. so crews out at that point. construction in delaware, though, 896 southbound between route 40 and porter road, the right lane still compromised there. it should be clearing out of the way around now, so i'll let you know, confirm as it does clear up. construction new bus sidewalks cents here, boulevard intersection, so roosevelt north and southbound, outer lanes at cottman, rhawn, welsh , red lion, right lanes blocked, so long standing project, it will be out there until october. so, just heads up on that. and then, also, looking at mass transit. so, new jersey ac rail line is suspended, so friday, truck hit a bridge, caused track damage, two weeks, between philadelphia and cherry hill, bus service available. patco, new jersey transit river line and buses will be cross-honoring, rahel, back over to you. >> thank you it has been violent night in the city of philadelphia.
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overnight man was shot in the face and killed in the fair hills section of philadelphia. this happened at fourth and indianna avenue early this morning, police say the victim shot as many as four times. officer returned him to the hospital where he later died. no arrest haves been made, and anyone with information is asked to give police a call. and another crime scene, this one about two and a half miles away in feltonville, where a stray bullet hit a 17 year old girl. police say the girl sitting in her home, 4900 block of b street, when the bullet went through a window and hit her in the chest. she is in stable condition. and no arrests here. >> well, as meisha has been reporting today, atlantic city rail service between philadelphia and cherry hill will remain suspended due to damaged track in camden county on friday a truck slammed into a rail bridge in pennsauken so hard that it shifted the track above. officials say this is significant damage, and repairs will take about two weeks. the substitute bus service will offer in the meantime. thirteen year old boy expected to be okay after he was pinned underneath a car in montgomery
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county. it happened yesterday afternoon, near b street, in upper merion. family members say the boy was working on a car with his grandfather in the alley near their home when the car came off the jacks and landed on the boy's stomach. >> well, the time now 5:36. in business news this morning, the mega merger between two communications companies is off the table. >> money watch's hena jones us live this morning from the new york stock exchange with details on that and much more. good morning, hena. >> reporter: good morning, guys, some of america's largest companies are posting, wall street journal says it is because a cost cutting weaker dollar and strong consumer spending. on friday, the dow set new record gaining 33-point, nasdaq lost seven. possible deal between charter and sprint is off the table. us cable operator said yesterday it was not interesting in a american r merger after couple every month every talk, and sprint and charter join forces, then would have created a huge telecommunications company one
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stop shopping for customers looking to get internet and mobile phone services. only known surviving italian issue movie possible err forecast a blanca sold at auction for $478,000. saturday sales had set a record. it was printed back in 1946. four years after the oscar winning movie was made, and for first shown in the u.s. the buyer, chose to remain anonymous. if you happen to have extra $40,000, lying around, we may have the car for you. rolls royce has unveiled a phantom eight. it is the first update of the luxury car in 14 years. it bows both a squared the ride ability to hit 06 miles per hour in just over five seconds, and glass case in the dashboard to show off your favorite collector's items. jim, rahel? >> i suppose if you can afford a car like that, would you have collector's items and want to show them off.
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>> i want to drive it. >> that was the first thing i thought, too. >> yes, i would want a driver, too. >> ridiculous, who drives a $440,000 car themselves? >> well, you need $440,000 and money for a driver. >> all right, hena a, thank you. trump administration embroiled in some turmoil within the white house hoping for a fresh start today. >> new chief of staff takes over at the beginning of what's expected to be a very busy week. here's the story. >> reporter: president trump begins today with a new chief of staff. this morning, he swears in former homeland security secretary general john kelly. >> i think the president want to go a different direction. wants a little bit more discipline, little more structure in there. >> kelly have to help the president tackle healthcare. the president wants to push forward, despite the republican plan being voted down in the senate last week. new cbs news tracker pole shows 47%, bipartisan plan to fix rather than repeal.
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>> what he needs to do, go through the normal process, and produce the a series of bills to fix the very real flaws in the affordable care act. >> the new chief of staff's expertise says the general may be called on immediately as the trump administration grapples with how best to respond to north korea most advanced missile test to date. which analysts say could have reached as far as l a and chicago. >> we believe china should do more. >> flexing its military might, the us bombers over the core ian peninsula successfully tested missile defense system. cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and this morning, security remains tight at airports in australia after authorities spoil a terrorist plot, elaborate conspiracy that involves bringing down an airplane, the suspect were rounded up in four city is, so far not charged.
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>> this may not surprise you, new jersey governor chris christie is involved with a altercation with a fan during a baseball game. reporter ben franklin bridge hutchinson at the game with his family member who heckled the governor, the one who shot the rid yo you're about to see it happened during yesterday's game between the miami august walky brewers and the chicago cubs. take a look. >> that's the very end after confrontation between cubs fan , brad joseph, and new jersey governor, chris christie. joseph says it started like this. >> when he initially was going up the stairs i yelled his name. he was already quite a bit past me, probably 30 feet away i yelled his name and i told him that he sucked. >> and governor christie came back, joseph said he called him another name. >> i called him a hipocrit because i thought, you know, it needed to be said. and he then turned around and walked all the way back toward me, and got up in my face for what seemed like a long time, it was probably only about 30 seconds or a minute.
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it was like kind of kneeing me with his knee, like very clear he was making contact oh, you want to do something, you want to start something here. >> joseph admit he's not a chris christie fan. he said other in the crowd had been heckling the new jersey governor, too. >> our main -- i remained calm , just trying to watch the game. i understand he was probably trying to dot same thing but at the same time he is a public official, this is america, and i think we have the right to say what you believe as long as it is not, you know, crude or profane. >> and that was ben hutchinson reporting. not the first time baseball fans have booed the governor. you may recall he was jeered after catching fall foul ball during a mets game few weeks ago. >> so far no comment from governor chris christie's offers, at the game because his son works for the brewers. keep on walking. >> yes. >> keep walking. >> keep on governing. up next, tell you why actor george clooney is threatening
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to do some photographer. >> angelina jolie responds ponds to serious ahmaddiya sayings cents on the abuse on the set of her late he is film >> huge flames erupt in oklahoma. what was burning, what residents are being asked to do because of the fire when we come back.
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>> yank lena jolie directed a film based on memoir or the genocide. according to story on van vanity fair, they put monday any front of four children took it away. the actress released statement saying the claims were not true. she added every measure was taken to ensure the safety, comfort and elk of the children in the film. parent george and amal clooney not happy with the french tabloid after george says photographers get this climbed over a fence and up a tree in his italian he is tape to snap picture of his newborn twins, and promises to fine at the fullest extent of the mall >> emoji movie, critics, audiences disagreed big time on the animated comedy. movie received atrocious 8%, but audiences still turned out
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opening day they gave it a cinema four, the film debuted in strong place place raking in estimated $25.7 million. >> oh, my goodness, there is a move bye emojis now? >> actually looks entertaining i would have watched it. >> hopefully coy see those, i can't see the ones on my phone , they're too small. >> the screen is big enough i think at the movies? jim always sending me the flamingo dancers because i don't think he can find the smile face. >> whatever. >> ya. the sun emojis i may be today? >> i think so. i wish there was one nor low dew point. >> only you would understands that. >> the geek emojis. >> the lower the dew point, the better the hair day. look how lovely you both look. >> we do have a hair emoji. >> yes. >> beautiful day, though, we overlook lake harmony here up in pa just the fact the temperature here on our pocono
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camera is registering at 51 degrees. 51 degrees, it is late july, guys, not like it has never happened. but, that's quite cool at the onset for our area, on this particular day of the year. as we overlook this area, nice pink sort of sunrise for us, the sun technically not up just yet. but as it does rise, we are going to ends up with nothing but the sunshine, throughout the entirety of the day. and with nice low humidity to go along with it, now, a lot of eyewitness weather watchers ae also registering that cool just the map in general, all in thes,ere ev cooler than the upper 50's, places likee, 1 degn this morning, got nothing but nice clear sky. but in d olney right now at his house. that's really cool. he sent us some real cool well,f the moon, this one came in last evening, and it was, that y setting, and you'll see more sun than anything out there,
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but regardless, the bigger story it is so cool outside. and mark also on the cool end ends of things here with generally clear sky, as well, only in at 52 degrees out in chatsworth, which isn't surprising since he is in much more remote area of new jersey that it would be that cool. but i was shocked to see john coming in from olney with the current temperature of 516789 goes to show different neighborhoods can register much cooler conditions, where our own station headquarters right now pretty much in the mid or upper 60s, across storm scan3, nice clear sky. vale of clouds is it making wait, but high pressure on our side today. little hotter than yesterday. it was very quickly turn our focus to what's going on out in the tropic, especially across the western edge here, of florida there is an area of showers, thunderstorms, showing a lot more organization, it is at this point looking like about four in ten shot it would develop into something. i think the key here, for the moment, expected to stay off to our south and east, maybe we draw in little bit of the moisture toward the tail end of the week.
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but i don't expect this would end up being an east coast issue here on our end. but does get hot meantime. take a look, shower chances increase, so does the temperature, and we will heat up to 92 by thursday. meisha? >> all right, katie, thank you so much for. that will very good morning to all of you. happy monday. looking outside right now, so far this morning, actually looking pretty good. the ben franklin bridge, you can see tail light moving westbound. you make your way toward center sit. heating up little bit there. overall the ben franklin bridge, you're looking good. you have been all morning long schuylkill near belmont avenue , headlights actually moving in the eastbound direction. you can see this is where that resurfaced project overnight resurfaced project taking place, might have little bit of uneven pavement there. but overall things looking good there. starting to build levels basically anywhere that we look on this schuylkill. and 95, the airport, headlight moving in the northbound direction. you can see both directions, no delays at the airport, conditions looking real nice around there. we do have accident upper darby be lansdowne avenue at state road. we look around, at area, everything looking green, in
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terms of our censors. so you are traveling around at posted speeds, and, mass transit, friday, truck hit a bridge, caused some track damage, no new jersey ac rail line suspended. more on this coming up in the next ten minute. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. two teenagers back safe and sound on dry lands, after the their boat broke down off the rhode island coast. coast guards swimmers swam out to help the 15 year old who 21-t strands on brake wall. the swimmers led the teens to rest guard rescue boat and pulled them a bore. fortunately none of the men were injured. >> nine injured when a van jam manies a a curb. >> this happened yesterday afternoon in los angeles. authority say the driver of van blew through a red light and struck another vehicle at the intersection, the impact from the crash sent the van careening into a group of people who were dining on the sidewalk outside after restaurant. >> want to grab something to drink? then when i ran inside i heard the errr, then boom.
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police say the car hit the van right here. and then supposedly fishtailed , ran into the restaurant, ran over people. >> well the driver did try to run away after that crash. bystanders were able to stop him. he was arrested. one of the victim remains in critical condition. >> well, fire officials say massive fire burned at least five historic buildings in oklahoma. >> flames erupt in the downtown wagner, that's about 50 miles outside of tulsa. crews think the fire may have started in a top floor of apartment building. the city's mayor now asking people to limit their water usage, because fire crews had to use so much water to put out the flames. despite all of this, no one was hurt, investigators still trying to figure out though what sparked that fire. well, coming up on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this morning , florida homeowner get quite a surprise. we'll tell you what was waiting outside his front door for him that's coming up next. >> also ahead: we will tell you where these goats are helping landscapers. we will be right back.
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>> paul mccartney had a young man hanging out front his poor many huge, there, on the home near orlando. homeowner says he thinks it was trying to get out of the rain, well, i can understand that. >> thought it was injured, but then woke up! >> when i got the behind legs sticking up in the air, about six, 7-foot long. at that point the bear jumped up, took off. look out. two, three, feet, i just ran back around, went in the garage. >> good idea. just let him be safer out there. animal control officials made sure the bear made it back to the woods. they say they'll have to tranquilize it and take it further away if it shows up again. >> terrain at salt salt lake city elementary school makes it trick. >> i school district is calling in the experts. goats, a heard of 400 goats at the elementary. school leaders say they like
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using goats, get the job done without using chemicals, something the district worries about using around children, plus, apparently the goats are cheaper. >> the mossee fish end worker you ever work, with don't complain, don't talk back, don't take breaks. they just go right to work. >> my gosh, they're going to replace us with goats now. using a landscaping crew would cost up to $8,000. they don't complain. using the goats only cost $3,000. this is the third year in a row the district used goats for this job. the owner of the heard said he's considering getting into the goat yoga business, as well. >> okay, don't knock it until you try t coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," pat gallen takes us to summer camp unlike most of the others. see how high school student are being trained to be crime scene investigators, rahel, just like the ones on the hit cbs show, csi. >> very interesting. also, a state of emergency in the outer banks, see why thousands of people are being evacuated, and forced to stop
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their summer vacations
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and still have dry eye symptoms? ready for some relief? xiidra is the first and only eye drop approved for both the signs and symptoms of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait at least 15 minutes before reinserting. chat with your eye doctor about xiidra. >> busy night for police in philadelphia. one of the shootings, 17 year old girl, struck by stray bullet that came through a window. we're live. and the search for a killer continues this morning, after a man was shot and killed over the weekends in
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half forwards township. police think he's running today another shooting, around the same time. >> and happening today, retired marine general, john kelly, becomes president trump 's chief of staff. today is monday, july 31, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this monday morning. >> good morning, guys, happy monday. we have accident. starting to build levels, lots of construction, but thankfully the roads are nice and dry. >> and they'll stay that way, yes. now that the sun's officially up, looks as though we lends up with nothing but the sun, maybe couple of patchy clouds along the way, that humidity stays nice and low, temperature is beginning to heat up little bit more readily, hit the upper 80s with time. but interesting, off to quite a cool start. yes, cool, the ends every july , see that reflected in the temperature readings in just a serbs but just quick peak here at storm scan three all clear, all is dry, and it will stay that way. now, at six an at the moment at the airport, that is still the warmest spot of the pack. fifty-three currently in mount


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